IDC system facility maintenance

IDC system facility maintenance

It has been established for more than 10 years with 26 employees, divided into IDC maintenance department and facility maintenance department. The purpose of it is to provide services 7x24 by employees in rotation. In addition to the staff on-duty, there are also backup persons and technical support persons. It has been expanded to acting businesses such as, property facility and information service center management.

We have accumulated more than a decade of engineering and maintenance experiences on air-con E&M facilities and computer facilities from our branch offices. We often conduct education & training courses. We have worked collaboratively well with the peripheral facility vendors, who are also professional vendors in the industry, in the overall IDC environment.

Our service people are stationed island-wide in the north, center and south providing services 7x24 on contracted maintenance and air-con maintenance, service, projects and energy-saving expertise – air-con & lighting, energy-saving planning, electrical engineering technical consultation – electrical engineering, planning, maintenance and validation.

◎全年無休二十四小時服務 ◎電腦機房設施定期維護保養工作 ◎機房體設備維護及改善建議​​​​​​​