IDC system facility maintenance

Facility maintenance

1. Air-con equipment regular maintenance, service, and 24-hr repair.
2. Standby due to power failure and water outage at the IDC.

 2-1 Electrical installations at the IDC: Generator, UPS, air-con.

 2-2 Air-con water tower for cooling (including the reservoir)
 2-3 Standby for generator loading test
 2-4 ATS changing and switching function test
3.EMS environment control system
 3-1 CCB room EMS combined test and function inspection
 3-2 CCB EMS environment control system new building project
 3-3 EMS system maintenance
4. Project planning and service
 4-1 Power, air-con system energy-saving planning, construction.
 4-2 Electrical license listing application
 4-3 Power contract capacity calculation and change operation.
 4-4 Power equipment infrared test