Water treatment technical service

Product Service

Raw water treatments

Our raw water treatment programs bring together a comprehensive portfolio of organic and inorganic chemistries in liquid, powder and emulsion forms.

  • Biocides

  • Coagulants

  • flocculants

Boiler water treatments

To ensure the optimum performance and safety of boiler and steam systems, it is imperative that corrosion and deposition be addressed proactively.

  • Corrosion inhibitors

  • Dispersant

  • Membrane treatments

  • Metal passivators

  • Oxygen scavengers

  • Cooling water treatments

To help maintain the reliability and performance of industrial cooling systems, we offers state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems and a full line of cooling water treatment solutions that work at various pH levels and with different water chemistries.

  • Biocides

  • Corrosion inhibitors

  • Dispersant

  • Scale Inhibitors

  • Wastewater treatments

To help customers achieve their wastewater treatment objectives, We offers one of the most advanced and comprehensive product lines for wastewater management and a wide range of services that help ensure the optimum performance of wastewater systems.

  • Coagulants

  • Defoamers


  • Odor neutralizers

  • Odor scavengers

  • Sludge dewatering polymers