1988 DataKnit establishes dedicated services for network cabling and IDC setup.

1991 DataKnit establishes Taichung branch office

1994 DataKnit establishes Hsin Chu branch office

1999 DataKnit brings internally the ERP system.

2000 DataKnit becomes an ISO 9002 certified company.

2004 DataKnit becomes an ISO 9001 certified company.

2007 DataKnit forms a separate after-sales service division

2008 DataKnit is accredited to ISO 9001: new version certification

2009 DataKnit forms a solar energy system and energy saving group

2010 DataKnit brings in the CRM system

2012 DataKnit brings in the KM system

2013 DataKnit establishes the information system integration division

2015 DataKnit introduces and revises the system (ERP, EasyFlow, BI)

2018 DataKnit brings in the E-learning system

2019 DataKnit becomes an TAF Lab certified company.