Internet Data Center (IDC) Design, Planning And Construction

Information engineering division


During many years of IDC planning, the technical team of the information engineering division has continuously refined itself and has increased service quality and the professional skills. For the IDC planning and setup, it has outstanding achievement. In recent years, the IDC construction has seen rather big changes on space, hardware, air-con, power and management, in which the central thinking has included the concept of module on design (MOD). The modular elements and even the modular functions now can be separated, divided in groups depending on needs, rather than the original one-time solution, proving a more flexible setup program.


To cope with high-density of IT equipment virtualization, increase of loading density of one single cabinet in the IT equipment room, produced temperature rise and hotspot problems, we also bring in relevant UPS, cabinet type air-con system, smart power distribution unit (PDU), high ventilation cabinet and environment control from Schneider APC, EMERSON LIEBERT, DELTA Electronics, Phoenixtec Limited, etc to provide better IDC integration planning program.