Internet Data Center (IDC) Design, Planning And Construction

Power system

The power system is the key factor for IDC operation. The UPS and air-con systems required for the IT equipment room need stable power supply. However, very few equipment rooms can have an E&M standby team 7x24. Most of them are maintained on a regular basis or by emergency repair through an outsourcing maintenance unit.
Of course, when in design, usually the UPS is for the redundant purpose (plus a generator). There are two methods, i.e. 1+1 or N+1. These two redundant methods have their own features. How to determine which structure to be used will mainly depend on the future expansion capacity.
For example, when the power transmission system of a power company is damaged, the mains power at the IDC is interrupted. Now, the UPS can supply power timely to let the equipment keep on running. When the emergency power generation system starts to supply power, the power can keep the IDC to continue in operation for an extended period of time. Therefore, the setup of power generation system is essential.

Keeping full track of the operational condition of each power system can avoid the fault trip of the power system. The system that is designed to know instantly the power consuming quality condition of each electric loop can send forth an early warning before an accident occurs. When the electric system loop fails, the circuit breaker (CB) at the fault location can be detected immediately and the trouble can be quickly corrected, ensuring stable power supply to the system. When designing the system, the above can be provided to the specific party for emergency condition handling, thus avoiding the power system to break down.