Internet Data Center (IDC) Design, Planning And Construction

Air-con system

he air-con system is mainly to remove the heat sent out from the IDC and keep inside of IDC at the working temperature, avoiding improper service operation due to overheat of the IT equipment. According to the report of American EPA, the application of the energy saving technique at the data center, in addition to the CPU performance and the energy management (including cooling technology), the air-con environment control and the power system at the data center can have nearly 80% of energy saving. In other words, combining the construction of a low-carbon environment and the energy-saving green software can significantly help consumers in carbon reduction. In fact, to effectively push forwards energy-saving at the IDC, the required technique or concept still includes introduction of new energy-saving equipment, building a correct operation and management mode, good maintenance and service, and strengthening employees’ education and training. For air-con management, the temperature at the air inlet to the IDC shall be adjusted and the air outflow guide position shall also be adjusted. Install the cool and warm air ducts. Use the front buffer plate at the cabinet to avoid short circulation and also use the air stream allocation device.